City SERL v MK

On Sunday we played Milton Keynes, This was an important match because they are our main rivals in SERL 2 and we lost our home match against them, 15-19. Westarted the match strongly getting quickly to 5-1, we maintained a strong lead during the first half and finished the half 11-8. In the start of the second half we stretched our lead to 14-9, but things quickly went wrong and Milton Keynes recovered to 16-16.  We needed to beat them by 5 to keep our hopes of winning the league alive, luckily we kept it together as a team and won the match 24-18. Congratulations to everyone involve – Alf.

Carla 11
Gavin 1
Andy 1
Rob 1
Simon 3
Alf 6
Rachel 1