Tykes at CCKC

Cambridge City Tykes is open to boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 7 (pre-school to Year 2). We were the first korfball Club in Cambridgeshire to offer a multi-sports skills programme, with staff, volunteers and administrators who have been fully Child Protection Trained and DBS checked through the British Korfball Association. We were also the first club in the country to be Clubmark accredited – as part of that accreditation we were audited and assessed by Living Sport, the County Sports Partnership, to provide be a proven high quality club. Korfball is played by adults, children, families, couples; as elite-level international competition or as a recreational past-time. Tykes and families are welcomed with open arms. Want to know more about korfball? Why not check out the rules?

Tykes training In accordance with the Sportcoach UK Programme for Long Term Athlete Development, we focus on FUNdamental skills, rather than sport specific training. Effectively, we are therefore offering a multi-sports programme. Training sessions include exercises to assist the development of body and space awareness, travelling and locomotor skills/directions and pathways, balancing, jumping and landing, evasion, ball handling, throwing, catching and teamwork. We have a comprehensive Skills Award Programme which operates throughout the year. Tykes are chuffed to bits when they receive their stickers, certificates and badges for successfully completed tasks and awards. Tykes train on Sundays during term time from 4-4.45pm at Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PF. If anyone in your family is aged 7-14, City also runs a Juniors training scheme. Training fees are £4 per session or £20 for a whole term. You can try before you buy by attending one session before you commit to a term, so come along and have a go! If you would like to try the sport, or for further information, please contact Lucy McGregor

FUNdamentals The FUNdamentals Programme provides maximum opportunities for every early years child to realise their full potential and for them to have access to and enjoy participation in FUNdamental movement ideas which prepares them for participation in all sports. The FUNdamentals philosophy involves children in simple activities and games which allow them to learn through play. When children learn through play they determine the real value and meaning of the experience. Play is a natural form of expression and medium for learning. Organised and informal play can help children progressively acquire skills and learn to value physical activity. Given the opportunity it can be a means of developing fundamental sport skills and at the same time allowing children to learn about co-operation, equity, and the meaning of achievement. Children are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to set their own goals and take some initiative for improving their skills. The wide range of activities and games, together with modifications where needed, ensures that there is equal opportunity for everyone to play and develop skills. The emphasis is on maximum participation with children progressing at their own rate. The aim is to involve ALL children regardless of level of ability. The FUNdamentals programme is an early step towards the vision of a nation with lifelong interests, skills, and attitudes that lead to active lifestyles. The Tykes programme gives children the opportunity to acquire a wide range of fundamental sport skills which will allow them to participate fully and play games better. This will lead to the feeling of personal success and satisfaction and establish a sound base for the time when they are ready to move onto specific sports.

Tykes Training 2022/23

Tykes train on Sundays during term time from 4-4.45pm at Hills Road Sports and Tennis Centre, Purbeck Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PF. This seasons training is taking place on the following dates:
September 11th, 25th
October 9th
November 13th, 27th
December -
January 15th, 29th
February 26th
March 12th, 26th
April 30th
May 14th
June 18th
July 2nd, 9th (Picnic)