So the season is over! How did  the City teams do?

SERL – it has been a struggle this season, and it’s not quite over yet. A final relegation playoff took place in late May and unfortunately this ended up in a defeat.

CIty 1 – a solid season in a tough Division 1, mid table with slightly fewer wins than defeats.

City 2 – good season in Division 2. Only defeats were to the top 2 teams, finished in a strong 3rd place.

City 3 – an excellent season compared to recently. After flirting with relegation the previous couple of seasons, they finished in a strong 4th place in Division 2. Well done!!

City 4 – a solid season in Division 3, as many wins and defeats and a positive points difference.

City 5 (dev) – a mix of wins and losses, and many new players given their debuts

Thank you to all the players this season (old and new) and enjoy the break (but keep training!!!)