U11 Tournament

With two teams we could have entered, we choose to go gentle on the teams with one team entered so each team played two games. The teams were split into Year 6’s were our strongest team and Years 5 & 4 were our new team.

Years 6’s were Reuben, Rishi, Alesia, and Lillian and they won both their matches – match stats to come. They beat Tigers 1 and Tigers 2 (eventual winners of the tournament).

Years 5 were Simone and Joel, and Year 4’s were Alex and Masha. They lost one (Phoenix) and won one (Tigers 3)! This team had never played together before and this is the hopeful team for next season – along side more players who couldn’t make it. Again, match stats to follow.

One more tournament before National Youth Day and we will hoping be entering two teams for that one. We have been playing the three pass before a shot rule that was introduced last NYD and has now been adopted by CKA U11 and U9 tournaments.

Special thanks to Isobel who came along to represent City as a junior Ref. Amazing!

U9 Tournament

We didn’t have a team this time, but that didn’t stop Masha and Alex from carrying on! Many thanks to Cottenham and Tigers for letting them play. This is a fun tournament for development only so no scores are recorded.

U14 National League – from Yan

We managed to field in a full team in the end for the 1st match against Vikings.
Vikings vs City
Div1-Joewett(1), Boaz(1), Charlotte, Alesia. 
Div2-Aaron, William(2+1pen), Amalia, Lilian. 
Lovely match all round going neck to neck through the 1st half finishing with just 1 goal different to Vikings (4-3).
Second half City started off nice attacks and defends well winning 2 goals before Viking return one back ending the match a draw (5-5).

Second match verse Bearsted, we had a girl short and the team decided to play with a girl short.
Div1-Joewett(1), Aaron, Amalia. 
Div2-Dani(1), Boaz(1)/William, Charlotte, Alesia.
A tough one but Dani started a goal ahead for the first 5 mins and then Bearsted pick up their pace and shoots on targets with 7 goals before Boaz put one in under the post. First half ended 2-8 to Bearsted.
Second half much the same as the first, a goal each and then Bearsted sunk in 8 more winning the match (3-17). They played and worked very hard but lack the energy, very tired towards to end, so well done for keep going.