Hi All,

Another great effort from the City’s U14, battling against the 2 top of the leaderboard teams. Also welcome Simone (U11) for her first league matches. Apparently 3 of our 5 girls are U11, so great round of applause for them. Officially we actually only have 2 U14 girl in the juniors, so please do encourage any potential players to step forward, that’s school year 7, 8 and 9.

City v Tigers 8-18
Starting off with Tigers taking up 2 goals before Dani return 2 back with some good team play. It was quite level for a while with lots of shots going up but not sinking in until Tigers slowly creeping forward scoring 4 more. Asha sink in a long shot and Tiger return one straight after, then comes Charlotte with her first City goal under the post. Half time finished with Tigers scoring 2 more making it 4-9 to them.
Second half was much the same with some subs and City struggle to score before Tiger put in 4 ahead. City pull themselves together putting a great fight using various tactics and finding their korf chasing 4 back from Asha, Dani and Joewett. The referee was inexperienced, missing a lot of contact, defended shot etc during the game making the game seems rough. No doubt the Tigers were a better side ending the match with 5 more goals, 8-18.
1st defend Dani(3), Joewett(1)/Boaz, Amalia, Charlotte(1).
1st attack Asha(3), Alesia/Simone, Aaron, William/Callum.

City v Bucks 3-9
Up against the Buckingham Royals (MKX) who’s currently in 1st place but loss against Tigers before our match. Bucks scored the 1st goal with a penalty (Joewett defended a girl!) and then 5 more goals given Bucks a 6 goals lead. Then Asha went for a awesome long shot and puts the team spirit back into the game. 1st half ended 2-7, one from Dani.
Second half was amazing with still plenty of movement from both teams and shots going up but not going in. A much closer game with a penalty each and a final goal from Bucks ending the match 3-9 to Bucks.
1st defend Asha(1+1pen), Alesia, Aaron/Callum, William/Boaz.
1st attack Joewett, Dani(1), Amalia, Simone.

Well done everyone and have a lovely break.