U14 National League – from Yan
Thank you to all the parents who brought their young ones to the match.
City v Viking at 10:00
First match against the Vikings, which they were defeated by the Tigers 15-0 before our match. So we thought this would an easy one but turns out to be a battle with Asha scoring the first goal of the match. Then Viking returns 2 goals during a long fight before Aaron, Asha and Dani push forward and ends the first half 4-2.
After some team talks, the second half set off with the Viking scoring which make us think it’s going to be a tight match. Thankfully the team has suddenly switch form finding their opponents weaknesses and played better korfball, goal, goal and more goals with lots of short shots and running in shots ended the match 11-3. Special welcome to Charlotte for her first league match.
Div1- Asha(3), Dani(4), Alesia, William/Boaz .
Div2- Joewett(1), Aaron(1), Amalia(2), Charlotte.
Norfolk v City at 12:00
After an hours break the team up against the Dragons and will be a tough one, so switch a couple of players around from the divisions. The Dragons really are breathing fires scoring 3 goals before Asha put one back in return, then some nicely played korfball with running in shots from Joewett, Asha and Dani chasing the Dragon at 4-3, just one goal behind before the half time whistle blows.
Second half saw a much closer game scores head to head exchanging goals up to about 5 minutes left, 8 all. City must be getting really tired towards the end as the Dragon dropped 2 more goals in leading with just little time left on the clock. Two great chances to level the score by putting lots of shots up but did not sinking in and missing a penalty ending the match 10-8 to Norfolk.
Very well done to the team for a great battle.
Div1- Asha(4), Aaron, Alesia, William/Boaz(1).

Div2- Joewett(2), Dani(1), Amalia , Charlotte.