City 5 have had mixed fortunes in their recent matches, a 10-6 loss to Uni 2, followed by a 8-6 win against Phoenix 4. Brief match reports below from Captain Rachel.

City 5 6-10 Uni 2
Many changes to the line-up for today, but final team:
Anna (2), Flora (2), Mia (2), Sian, Tom R, Seby, Mark, Gavin/Greg.
Huge thank you to everyone who played, specially Sian for stepping in at the last moment. It was a good match, Uni 2 are top of Division 3, and they have
some useful boys and some youthful speed. Although we took the lead to start and stayed level to 4-4, the match then drifted away from us, 4-7 down at half
time and final score 6-10 to them. But I thought we played some lovely korfball, we retained the ball well, largely thanks to Tom R’s great collecting, and our girls did a great job scoring our 6 goals including 2
wonderful penalties from Mia. Well done all.

City 5 8-6 Phoenix 4
Well done to everyone who played on Thursday evening, a fine 8-6 win against Phoenix 4. Some really good korfball and great to see everyone putting up shots. Well done all:

Yunise (2), Christelle (1), Flora, Anna (1), Yan (2), Mark (2), Seby, Tom W.