The under 14’s play in a national league, with two matches on a day, seven times a year. Alex Howes does an amazing job managing this team and here is his report for the first two matches, played on 2nd October. Well done all the u14’s, you have set the bar high for the SERL team. This link shows the league table, with City U14’s second.

Report from Alex

U14 league – round 1

Tigers 3 v City 11

Div1 – Seby (2), Max(1), Anna(3), Mia

Div 2 – Leo(2), Ed(1), Flora(2), Isobel

Subs: Asha (H/T for Isobel), Dani (H/T for Ed)

First match in the 2016/17 U14 league against Tigers. Apart from quick first goal by Tiger we settled down to a very good half, with everyone focusing well and goals coming quickly. Half time we were 7-3 up, Goals – Anna (3), Flora(2), Seby (1), Ed(1). In the second half, we kept the concentration up, not allowing Tigers to score! Final score 11-3 Goals – Leo (2), Seby (1), Max (1).

Great start, with fantastic performance by everyone. First timers Asha and Dani played well.

City 8 v Harrow 3

Div1 – Seby (1), Dani(1), Anna(1), Asha

Div 2 – Leo(1), Ed(1), Flora(2), Isobel

Subs: Mia (1) (H/T for Asha), Max (H/T for Dani)

Stronger opposition this time but, City were not phased, and focused well. Solid defence and strong shooting paid off, we were 4-1 up at half time. Goals- Seby (1), Flora(2), Dani(1).

Harrow found their range, late in second half , but it was too late. Goals – Anna,(1), Leo(1) Ed(1) and Mia (1) Another comfortable win to City.

Good solid start, which we can build on it in later matches. Well Done.

Next matches are Sunday 13th November.