An intrepid band of City players headed to the Didcot tournament on the 20th August, braved challenging weather conditions, and returned as winners!! 

Here are the results and scorers

City v Didcot, 2-0. Scorers: Hannah, Greg

City v Bristol City, 5 -4.  Scorers: Shahn 1 + 1 pen, Liz, Rob, Greg

City v Highbury, 1-0. Scorers: Sue

City v Taunton, 4-2. Scorers: Liz x2, Sue, Hajime

City v Highbury Noughties, 3-3. Scorers Greg, Joe, Rob

The Final
City v Leicester Tornadoes, 4-4. Scorers: Shahn x3, Hannah (a last second equaliser)

After no golden goals were scored, City won the penalty shootout 2-0. Scorers: Rob, Shahn

Congratulation to the team – Hannah, Rob, Greg, Sue, Joe, Shahn, Liz, and Hajime