City 4’s latest match resulted in a convincing win over the 7 players of Phoenix 4 by 12-2

There was some solid City defending at the 4v4 end as it took a while for the attacking 4v3 to get into the swing of things. Chris then scored from a long (very) shot to start the ball rolling (1-0) but Phoenix equalised through a penalty (1-1). Rick scored with his first shot, medium (very) and soon after scored under the post, i.e. short (very): 3-1.

Chris scored again to make it 4-1 at half-time but City 4 ran away with the second half: Chris consolidated our lead (long again) and Rick (medium) and Rob (short) extended it quickly to 7-1. Phoenix scored their 2nd and final goal (very, very long) for 7-2. Chris converted a penalty (well won by Ruth, running in) and then good feeding (first by Rick and then by Sofia) allowed Hannah and Rick to score good running-in goals (10-2) and then John E rounded things off beautifully with 2 goals in quick succession (running in and medium shot) for a satisfying 12-2 victory, albeit v 7 players. The scoring was nicely balanced in fact, 6 at either end.

Team/scorers: Chris (3 + 1 p), JohnE (2), Yunise, Ruth / Rick (4), Hannah (1), Rob (1), Sofia.